Strike Zone Fishing - BAIT AND SWITCH

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Strike-Zone fishing, Jacksonville, fl.Advertised a fishing rod and reel combo for $69.99/reg.

price $179.99.This was a good deal, I researched online, just the reel was $99.99 everywhere else I checked. This was a one day special, while supplies last. I woke up early and made a special trip to get there by 8 a.m. when they opened.When I get there, they actually have a lesser combo.

The combo advertised was a Penn 320 with a 6'6" rod. Now this was advertised all week long in the newspaper and sent to people in the mail via a color flyer which is what I received. Then on Friday, suddenly the ad in the newspaper changed to what they actually had to sell which was a Penn 220 with a 6' rod. Now to some this might not sound like a big deal, but when you are dealing with fishing reels it is a huge deal.

This reel could be bought online for $59.99 retail. I was PISSED OFF. Classic BAIT AND SWITCH. I left without purchasing one.

STRIKE-ZONE FISHING will never get another cent of my money and I hope others do the same. There should be laws against things like this.

Was told it was a typo.Yeah right.

Review about: Penn 320 Rod Reel Combo.

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